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Mama Bird.  Pretty Maker.  Picture Taker.

My name is Kerry Crawford.  I’m an observer and an artist.  But, like many of us, I'm not just one thing.  My background is rooted in fine art, illustration and design.  I hustled for many years as a graphic designer and illustrator, then I eventually gravitated toward something I've always loved - the art of makeup.  Once I refined my skills and became a professional makeup artist, I slowly built and grew my freelance business for 6 years in the NYC area.  Then, I became a mother and everything changed.  During my most mundane mama moments, in an effort to keep my sanity and maintain some sense of my creative identity, I found myself reaching for my camera again and again.  Documenting this beautiful little boy of mine has been my creative outlet and my therapy over the past 5 years.  This has inspired yet another creative reinvention - now as a photographer.  Recently, my family and I took a big step and moved across country to LA, and it already feels like home.  Now I'm hoping to manage the delicate balance of being a mama, wife, makeup artist and photographer, while staying open to other creative possibilities.  My approach to photography is to capture honest, real life moments that have a sense of wonder.  My desire is that my makeup artistry will highlight your beauty and lift you up, or maybe even transform you.  I have a passion for taking the ordinary and creating something e x t r a ordinary, while maintaining an effortless aesthetic.  Let's make some magic together.